Meet Felicia

Hi, I'm Felicia Kalan and I'm running for City Council in District 22 as a Republican and an independent voice. Together, with my husband Andy, we are raising our two children, Zaden, (age 5) and Zaria (age 4),  my kids keep me invested and active in our community. I want to continue making a positive impact in our neighborhoods by caring for my neighbors through public service and fighting for their best interests at City Hall.  When I'm not working, I serve alongside Andy, one of the Pastors/Elders at the Bridge Community Church in LIC.



In college, I studied Political Science and International Studies at the University of Evansville with a semester abroad at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.  My experience in Egypt was impactful because not only did I gain a global perspective, I met my husband Andy there while he was teaching English in Jordan.I have dedicated my life and career to serving and empowering others.


After College, I received the Legislative Service Commission Fellowship and then decided to serve in government as a Legislative Aide in the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Board of Regents in higher education under Former Governor John Kasich. 


My passion to help others didn't stop there.

I'm a Social Entrepreneur

I left the government sector and became a social entrepreneur and started several companies and passion projects, including UNCHAINED, a national anti-human trafficking organization that raised awareness through artistic fashion shows and empowered survivors of human trafficking with education scholarships in partnership with THE LIMITED and co-founded Novel Garments, an ethical, fair trade clothing line to build a more sustainable world and to fight fast fashion. I’m also the former Vice President of COhatch, a co-working, private-office and social-enterprise that uses community spaces to revitalize communities and incubates start-ups. I believe economic inequality and our city's greatest problems can be solved through innovation and empowering social entrepreneurship.

I'm a Community Activist

During the COVID pandemic, I locked arms with fellow Astorians and  and went to work partnering with local faith organizations- making calls to our neighbors and elderly population, delivering supplies when needed, organizing food donations for essential workers, organizing several PPE drives giving thousands of handmade masks away in the community and face shields, masks, and supplies to Mt. Sinai and Elmhurst Hospitals. I've organized countless community service events, and as trash began to pile-up in our streets, I've worked to organize regular trash pick-up events in Queens and fight for safe and clean streets. In 2020, I received the  2020 Power Women of New York Award by Schneps Media.


I'm a Public Health Advocate

As a founding member of the New York Healthy Lifestyle campaign and current Queens representative, I advocate for greater access to healthy foods, fixing food deserts, urban farming initiatives, farmers markets, better food quality in schools, and educating New Yorkers on the impact food and exercise have on our health. 

I'm a Faith Leader

I'm the Chairwoman of the Interfaith Coalition for Peace & Safety- an organization that promotes peace in our neighborhoods and builds bridges between communities and public safety officials, and every year we host the National Public Safety Honors Day in partnership with Peace December. I'm also a former Church Youth Director at Eastminster Presbyterian, I've served in campus ministry, and currently serve alongside my husband, Pastor/Elder at Bridge Community Church in Long Island City. 

I'm a Working Mom

I know firsthand the struggles of raising a family in one of the most expensive city's in the world as a working-class mom, and I will fight for YOUR NEEDS at City Hall. Politicians are out of touch with everyday working families, and my goal is to represent women, children and families at City Hall. 

I'm a Republican

At my core, I value individual liberty and believe that government should have limited power over our everyday lives. I believe that a functioning democracy must have a balance of power between Democrat and Republicans and that one-party rule creates an atmosphere for corruption, lack of accountability and fiscal irresponsibility. Only 3 Council members out of the 51 current City Council members are Republican and they are term-limited , and I intend to restore honest government while working across the aisle to advocate for my neighbors to make sure that we get things done for Queens. I am actively building several coalitions with current candidates as a member of 21 in 21 and ensure that once elected, I can fight for your best interest at City Hall.

I'm a Fighter

I grew up in a struggling single mom household, and I always work hard to rise above my circumstances. Since the age of 15, I have not stopped working and I don't intent to stop now. While the future of our city looks bleak to some, I believe this is an opportunity to come together, fight, and make sure that New York City is a place where everyone can thrive. I will never stop fighting for Queens and for the beautiful city that I call home, and I will never stop fighting for the future of our children.