Kids Over Politics: Education

I will ensure children and families are TOP priority in the city budget, even during a fiscal crisis. Queens is the borough with the most overcrowded schools and it’s time we fight for children and quality education for all.

  • Invest in smaller class sizes, boosting learning and supporting our teachers

  • Ensure internet access and technology for every student

  • Expand and reform our gifted and talented prep, testing and programs to ensure a more equitable and accessible system, expanding opportunities for SHSAT prep

  • During school shutdowns, ensure families have the resources they need by providing school vouchers for private, public or homeschool settings. The lack of resources for working families during this pandemic with school-aged children is pathetic and unacceptable- and it will change under my leadership

  • Expand 3K for all

  • Boost our graduation rates (currently only 1 in 4 students graduate, and the numbers are worse for students of color- we need to take bold action now

  • Fix the nurse shortage and provide a full-time school nurse and school counselor in every building

  • Support mental health and counseling services for our students

  • Support the establishment of a School Board that will keep the Mayor and Chancellor of Education accountable and empower parents to be involved in decision making

  • Promote Multilingualism in Schools and invest in more bi-lingual programming

  • Turn education centers into community hubs by investing in afterschool sports and extracurricular activities and gym facilities

  • Increase College Access for New Yorkers of all income levels

  • Support health compromised frontline teachers and administrators through extended paid leave and/or accommodating telework

Better Quality of Life & Protecting Our Environment

It’s time that we ensure quality of life for all and clean up our sanitation problem once and for all.

  • Invest in Beautification and Sanitation in our neighborhoods
  • Update our outdated trash bins to better contain waste and expand recycling and composting in our district
  • Increase fines for individuals that litter and illegally dump
  • Make necessary updates to our waterfronts and protect public access
  • Build a Public Recreation/Community Center that would provide public community space and gym access
  • Expand and preserve our green spaces, plant trees and continue to make updates to our parks
  • Transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, investing in alternative energy
  • Fight for better air quality in and rejecting any new power plants in our district, ensuring environmental justice

Honest Government & Accountability

Under one-party rule, City Hall has been left unchecked for far too long, providing little results for a 92 billion dollar budget. I will ensure that the City’s budget deficit is not passed on to hard-working middle class families through property tax hikes.

  • Hold agencies accountable for dollars spent and serious legal measures for misused and mismanaged funds
  • Fight the City passing the budget deficit to hard working middle class families and struggling small businesses
  • Review, consolidate and streamline city agencies and make services more publicly accessible to accommodate for budget deficits
  • Provide high quality constituent services and ensure that your needs are addressed and hold regular town halls to bring local government to the people and remain accessible to the public
  • Create a new standard of front porch politics. Our campaign will be disclosing 100% of all campaign contributions and expenditures and we are committed to championing the issues our neighbors care about that have often been neglected by career politicians.

Supporting Small Businesses & Rebuilding our Economy through Innovative Ideas

We need good paying jobs in Queens, and we also need to invest in our local economy and we need to save our mom and pops that have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also need to provide more access to upward mobility through greater access to resources, education, training, apprenticeships and jobs.

  • Targeted Economic Revitalization efforts in Commercial Areas in our Districts, particularly on Steinway Street in Astoria

  • Cut Burdensome laws and regulations that hurt small businesses

  • Form a Legacy Business Preservation Fund, which will provide qualifying small businesses and mom and pops (including nonprofits) with annual financial assistance. The funds will also provide grants to commercial landlords in exchange for creating 10-year leases with these businesses.

  • Support of the revival of the arts

  • Fight burdensome regulations and taxes that cripple small business and aspiring entrepreneurs and provide rent relief for qualifying small businesses that have been negatively impacted due to the shut-down

  • Amend the administrative code and New York City Charter to establish goals for participation by socially responsible, mission-driven businesses (such as B-Corporations and nonprofit organizations)-which allow for the businesses to better compete for government contracts.

  • Support local entrepreneurship by investing in a start-up incubator hub, shared retail space for local entrepreneurs and artists, invest in Women and Minority Entrepreneurs, and create access to capital and innovation led by local talent

  • Support Union Workers and ensure that contractors receive a living wage

  • Partner with companies to provide high-paying careers in Queens

  • Jobs fairs in the district to help residents connect to employers

Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform Rooted in Common Sense, Compassion & Justice for Victims

As Chairwoman of the Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Safety, it is one of my highest priorities to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for everyone in our community. Building a safe environment is contingent on supporting the NYPD and positively building community relations with our public safety officers, working together to make improvements to ensure an equitable criminal justice system without any ethnic, racial or socieconomic bias.

  • Reject the City’s plan to spend 11 billion dollars building new community jails in residential areas

  • Reform the recent bail reform legislation so that it allows for judge discretion to ensure we are not releasing people who might pose a danger to themselves or others.

  • Create a public institution that would audit jails and prisons, and a place for the family members and incarcerated individuals to report concerns regarding improper sanitation, racial discrimination, mistreatment, denying access to medication and health services, improper living conditions, and any other violations, accountable to and the auditor will report any concerns to the City Council

  • Expand support services for domestic violence and human trafficking survivors and create more court diversion programs for survivors of human trafficking and addiction related charges

  • Invest in rehabilitation, job skills and job readiness among inmates

  • Disrupt the youth to prison pipeline by investing in our youth- particularly in youth mentorship programs and afterschool activities -and refocusing on rehabilitation and re-entry in our jails and prisons

Public Health & Food Accessibility

Public Health should remain a top priority, and we need to utilize unique learnings from the COVID -19 pandemic to make improvements and serve vulnerable populations.

  • Build a new hospital and or expand existing hospitals in Queens to accommodate our growing population
  • Expand Mental Health & Addiction Services
  • Ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare
  • Improve and Ensure Access to clean, fresh water through “water stations” throughout the city, with the goal of also reducing plastic water bottle waste
  • Fix food deserts and attract grocery stores in areas that need access
  • Invest and support more Farmers Markets throughout the district, particularly in food deserts
  • Ensure quality nutrition education and access in our schools and senior centers
  • Support Women’s Health initiatives, prenatal and postnatal care, and Doula and Midwife services

Affordability, Ending Homelessness and Investing in NYCHA residents

Over the past few decades, New Yorkers have been priced out of their neighborhoods and it’s time we address the affordable housing crisis by partnering with small landlords that have vacant properties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We must end burdensome costs for the middle class and those struggling to make it-- let's put more money back in your families pocket and fight the city's burdensome policies that are driving working families to other states.

  • Ensure access to food, increasing food pantry services for homeless individuals and families that have fallen on hard times
  • Provide housing vouchers that protect individuals from losing their housing, and support long-term housing solutions rather than a failed shelter-based system for homeless individuals
  • Create pathways to home ownership for all families
  • Distinguish between individuals that need mental health services, those with substance abuse problems, transient individuals temporarily passing through the city, and New Yorkers that have fallen on hard times due to lack of economic resources, and creating solutions to address all three areas of need rooted in individual empowerment
  • Create a comprehensive tracking system for all homeless individuals with detailed description of city outreach and services provided, creating cross-agency collaboration focused on real results and transitioning individuals off the streets
  • Invest in economic empowerment and job readiness in a transitional housing setting for individuals that qualify
  • Partner with nonprofit organizations such as Salvation Army and food pantries to provide more restrooms and hygiene stations, and ensure funding for essential item drop-offs, and provide shelter particularly in the cold winter months

Supporting Our Senior Citizens & Disabled Community

We have a duty to protect our seniors and proivde them with adequate services.

  • Ensuring Affordable Housing and fair treatment of tenants and rent stabiilization through private/public parnterships if needed to subsidize apartment to compensate for property tax increases at market value
  • Increase SNAP Benefit education and “Meals on Wheels” programing, ensure food access and fight malnutrition
  • Invest in Senior Centers and Enrichment Programs
  • Improving Elevator Accessibility in our public transportation systems

Supporting our Families & Investing in our Youth

We need to be proactive in investing in the next generation, and we need to make it easier to raise a family in NYC.

  • Expand youth mentorship among vulnerable populations

  • Expand job training and apprenticeships programs among local unions and businesses

  • Invest in Sports Programs and Afterschool Programs and build new public gyms/recreational facilities for students

  • Invest in Foster Care & Homeless Youth

Emergency Preparedness

We are not prepared for the next storm or pandemic, and we need to start being proactive instead of reactive to save lives and protect New Yorkers.

  • We need to invest in storm infrastructure, particularly along our waterfront communities
  • Update Emergency Alert Systems
  • Restock PPE and ensure adequate hospital beds
  • Prepare for the next natural disaster by investing in necessary public infrastructure updates
  • Identify dead trees for removal and plant new ones

Public Transportation & Infrastructure Updates

We need to take all methods of transportation into consideration and move necessary improvements to infrastructure and improve our traffic flow.

  • Improve Walkability in Our Neighborhoods, particularly on 31st Street
  • Expand MTA Elevator Accessibility and fix transportation deserts
  • Build a Public Parking Lot near Astoria Blvd, End Placard Abuse and improve traffic flow-investing in a long term vision to re-connect Astoria Blvd and expand/ create new public park/green space and public garden
  • Ensure pedestrian safety is a top priority
  • Offer a balanced approach to the needs of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Make critical updates to our bridges, tunnel, roads and other infrastructure

Supporting Veterans

As the granddaughter of a WWII Veteran who helped raise me, I will ensure our Veterans receive upmost care.

  • Work in partnership with the Department of Veteran Services to expand Community outreach to veterans, particularly aging veterans, and act as a liaison to help connect them with resources and city services
  • Make Homeless Veterans a Priority to receiving services
  • Expand FairFares services to include low-middle income Veterans

This is a community-driven movement for full representation! Let us know the issues you are concerned about.