People Before Politics

Career Politicians are out of touch with everyday New Yorkers and it’s time to put people first and restore common sense, humanity and servant leadership back to City Hall.

Kids BEFORE Politics

Queens is a borough with some of the most overcrowded schools in NYC and it is time to make a change. As a mom of two small children, one of my main goals is to improve the education system. The lack of resources for working families during this pandemic with school-aged children is unacceptable and we need leadership that ensures our children receive the best quality  education regardless of any other outside factors.  I will fight for children and families to become a TOP priority in the city budget, even during a fiscal crisis.

As your Councilwoman

I will fight to:

  •  Invest in smaller class sizes, boost learning and support our educators

  • Ensure internet access and technology for every student, and more support to vulnerable families and students

  • Expand and reform our gifted and talented preparation, testing and programs to ensure a more equitable and accessible system; expand opportunities for SHSAT prep

  • Ensure families have the resources they need during school shutdowns by providing school vouchers for private, public or homeschool settings

  • Support mental health and counseling services for our students

  • Ensure our school buildings are accessible and accommodating and expand opportunities in our schools while ensuring equitable education for differently abled individuals

  • Promote Multilingualism in Schools and invest in more bi-lingual programming

  • Turn education centers into community hubs by investing in after school sports and extracurricular activities and gym facilities

  • Increase College Access for New Yorkers of all income levels

  • Invest in Trade Schools and Apprenticeship programs

  • Address the nurse shortage by providing a full-time school nurse, while also supporting mental health for our students by ensuring a school counselor in every building

  • Make NYC family friendly, a place to raise a child and grow a family 

  • Advocate for a School Board to bring accountability to Mayoral control

  • Provide opportunities for the differently abled and families receiving EBT food stamps to receive a yearly voucher to access NYC based arts and cultural institutions

  • Advocate for more childcare subsidies 

Our City is facing one of the most difficult times economically in our history, and we need leadership that is sensible and responsible with a plan for recovery. Our community and residents need good paying jobs, safe work environments and we need to ensure small businesses survive during this very difficult time. We must treat businesses small and large with great importance and give them the support they need for a full economic recovery.

Small Businesses Before Politics

As your Councilwoman

I will fight to:

  • Implement Targeted Economic Revitalization efforts in Commercial Areas in our Districts

  • Support Job Creation and help unemployed get back to work

  • Cut burdensome laws and regulations that hurt small businesses

  • Form a Legacy Business Preservation Fund, which will provide qualifying small businesses and mom and pops (including nonprofits) with annual financial assistance

  • Support revival of the arts

  • Fight difficult regulations and taxes that cripple small business and aspiring entrepreneurs and provide rent relief for qualifying small businesses that have been negatively impacted due to the shut-down

  • Amend the administrative code and New York City Charter to establish goals for participation by socially responsible, mission-driven businesses (such as B-Corporations and nonprofit organizations) which allow for the businesses to better compete for government contracts

  • Support local entrepreneurship by investing in a start-up incubator hub and community space, shared retail space for local entrepreneurs and artists, investing in Women and Minority Entrepreneurs, and create access to capital and innovation led by local talent

  • Partner with companies to provide training that can lead to permanent job opportunities and create upward mobility

Public Health

& Food Accessibility

Public Health should remain a top priority, and we need to

utilize unique learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic to make improvements and serve vulnerable populations.

As your Councilwoman

I will fight to:

  • Build a new hospital and or expand existing hospitals in Queens to accommodate our population

  • Ensure preparedness for any unexpected emergency situations such as the pandemic

  • Expand Mental Health & Addiction Services

  • Provide more financial assistance to families caring for differently abled or elderly loved ones

  • Ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare Improve and Ensure Access to clean, fresh water through “water stations” throughout the city with the goal of also reducing plastic water bottle waste

  • Advocate for Elevator Accessibility in public transit and update accessibility in public buildings

  • Expand composting and recycling 

  • Increase trash pick up frequency and update trash bins  

  • Fix food deserts and attract grocery stores and farmers markets in areas that need access

  • Ensure quality nutrition education and access in our schools and senior centers

  • Support Women’s Health initiatives prenatal and postnatal care and Doula and Midwife services

As Chairwoman of the Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Safety, it is one of my highest priorities to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for everyone in our community. Building a safe environment is contingent on supporting the NYPD and positively building community relations with our public safety officers, working together to make improvements to ensure an equitable criminal justice system without any ethnic, racial or socioeconomic bias.

Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform Rooted

in Common Sense, Compassion &

Justice for


As your Councilwoman

I will fight to:

  • Work with the NYPD to continue to build positive community relations and public safety in our neighborhoods, while ensuring public safety is a priority in the City budget

  • Ensure our local NYPD precincts are fully funded

  • Make our subways and public transportation safe again

  • Reject the City’s plan to spend 11 billion dollars building new community jails in residential areas

  • Create a public commission that would audit jails and prisons, and a place for the family members and incarcerated individuals to report concerns regarding improper sanitation, racial discrimination, mistreatment, denying access to medication and health services, improper living conditions, and any other violations; auditor will report any concerns to the City Council  

  • Expand support services for domestic violence and human trafficking survivors and create more court diversion programs with trained counselors for survivors of human trafficking and addiction related charges

  • Invest in rehabilitation, job skills and job readiness among inmates

  • Disrupt the youth to prison pipeline by investing in our youth - particularly in youth mentorship programs and sports after-school activities, and refocusing on rehabilitation and re-entry, education and job readiness in our jails and prisons

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