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 Republican Candidate 

New York City Council District 22

Representing parts of Astoria, Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, Woodside and Rikers Island in the borough of Queens.


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"As a working mom, I will fight to ensure all New Yorkers,  

and the next generation, have the opportunity to RISE!"


Honest Government & Accountability

For far too long, City Hall has gone unchecked, and I will fight hard to end corruption and fight to make sure taxpayers see their dollars invested back into their communities. It's time we revolutionize the political system by providing voters with full transparency and honest government. Our campaign will be disclosing 100% of all campaign contributions and expenditures and we are committed to championing the issues our neighbors care about that have often been neglected by career politicians. 

Kids Over Politics

The American Dream in New York City is under duress, and the stronghold starts in our schools. Education spending accounts for 27% of the City’s budget, but only one in four students today graduate ready for college – and the numbers are worse for students of color.  With the current school closures due to COVID, as parents we need to fight to make sure our kids don't get left behind in their education, and the City and the Department of Education are failing our children. We need common sense reform that will create substantive and lasting transformation, providing greater economic mobility for working class families and short circuit cyclical poverty, and the first step is to fix overcrowded schools. We need to preserve school choice and expand and reform gifted and talented programs to ensure a more equitable system, while also supporting our district schools.

 Public Safety & Public Health

 I will fight to make sure our streets are safe for everyone, while fostering a good working relationship with our officers and public safety personnel. As the Chairwoman of the Interfaith Coalition for Peace & Safety, I will continue to be a bridge builder between Police Precinct 114 and the community. 


As the Queens founding member of the Lifestyle Lifespan, I will continue to advocate for public health fixing food deserts and advocating for the best quality nutrition for our children.


Homelessness, residential displacement, cost of living, and housing insecurity are unfortunately on the rise in Queens. We must fix a broken property tax system and  we need fresh ideas and bold investments in affordable housing for those already living in our neighborhoods, and create pathways to home ownership for all families. We must end burdensome costs for the middle class and  those struggling to make it-- let's put more money back in your families pocket and fight the city's burdensome policies that are driving working families to other states.

Supporting Small Businesses, Job Training, & Job Creation

Empty and vacant storefronts have reached an all time high in parts of our neighborhood, and many businesses have had to shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Queens should continue to be the most diverse, exciting, and thriving community for the small businesses that provide jobs in our communities while supporting their families- we need  new innovative ideas to support struggling businesses. Its time we uplift local small businesses, particularly those that have been in our neighborhoods for generations.


We also need to empower local entrepreneurship and provide more access to upward mobility through greater access to resources, training and supporting job creation in Queens.

Quality of Life & Better Environment

We have a sanitation problem in Queens and it's time we resolve the issue once and for all. We need more frequent trash pick-up from the Department of Sanitation in high foot traffic areas, updated trash bins,  more recycling bins and we need to expand composting services.  We also need to preserve and expand our green spaces, make crucial updates to waterfronts and continue to provide updates to our existing parks. As the borough with the poorest air quality due to the power plants, we need to fight to make sure that more power plants are not built in our neighborhoods and continue to transition to clean energy.



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